Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hip hop 80's Party

This year, my Husband wanted to celebrate his birthday with an actual party. He was turning the big 3-8! Of course, this made me very happy inside and out! I had the opportunity to plan and execute this event from beginning to end. So, first thing was first.....we had to pick a theme, date and time.  After giving him a few options to choose from, he settled in on an 80's themed hip-hop party.  In other words, he wanted to go the RUN DMC route. :-) I knew this party would have to be totally customized because there really aren't many store-bought decorations for such a theme. In addition, the challenge for me would be making this party manly enough for a Man yet appealing enough for the ladies. 

So, here we go.....

The first thing I worked on was the invite.  Invitations are so important because they set the stage and provide the first peek into what the party will be like.  I wanted to make sure I captured the moment in the invite and here's what I came up with:

I wanted an original graffiti background and I never realized how difficult it would be to locate one. :-/ Finally, I was able to find one by a subway station and the pictures turned out just as I envisioned them!

As for the party, we decided on a black, gold and white color scheme.

Next, was the cake. Coming up with an idea for a cake proved to be a little challenging at first. I didn't want to do an ordinary cake so I figured a speciality cake that tied into the theme was in order.  What better than an Adidas Sneaker and a Kangol hat?!? I found this amazing baker that goes by the name of KaKe Queen ( who was able to make my ideas a reality!

Here's a picture of the dessert table.  I blew up a picture of my husband in black and white, added some blinged-out cupcake toppers, a few boom-box shaped cookies from Cookies By Design ( and chocolate truffles by Deserving Chocolates.

Next......what's a party without a photo-op station?!?!?  I brought a few props to make it fun and boy did the fake money look real! It turned out to be a great addition to the collection!

And that's all folks!!!

I want to end by saying that I had a super fun time planning and executing this event. Especially so because it was for my darling husband.  He had a blast and that made all the difference.

Here, I'll leave you with a few fun pics from the party:

Till next time friends!