Monday, October 24, 2011

Bee-Day Celebration!

Good morning world! I've been thinking and I think I like the idea of updating my blog with one new post every week. So for now, I'm thinking every Monday will do.  With that being said, my second post consists of my adventures of helping a dear friend design and decorate her son's 5th birthday party! The challenge?? ((drum roll))......One week notice! And I was up for the challenge!!

First on the list was picking out a suitable theme.  The guidelines - something quick, easy, and within budget. The first theme to pop into mind was a Happy "Bee"-Day Party! It met all the guidelines: quick, easy, and within budget.  Besides that, I had been secretly dying for a reason to put together such a cute party! ((heehee))

So, I started with making a few party signs and cupcake toppers.

And ended with putting it all together for the final product:

Another challenge I faced was making the cupcakes! So, here's my rendition of Bumble Bee cupcakes. I found the cutest sun-flowery (is that a word?!?!?) cupcake holders from Michaels and thought they would be perfect for the occasion.

Next - the very modest but cute treat table:

Lastly, I thought that sprucing up the chocolate donuts with a little bit of Wilton Sparkle Gel would be an inexpensive, cute way to bedazzle what would otherwise be just plain donuts.

So that does it! And, despite the fact that this party was done on very short notice and with a very small budget, it was done with a very big heart and I enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you to the Isa family for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their event!

Until next week my friends!


  1. awwwwwwwwwweee I <3 the pictures. Everything came out great! I knew it would. :-) Do u need another reason to get creative? Because I will give you one ;-)

  2. Mrs. Isa, how did you get your name to come up? I do not want to be anonymous any more LoL......but I can't figure this thing out

  3. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words, Anonymous!! lol You know I'm always up for the challenge! Email me with event details and further information at :-)