Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - 2011!!!

Happy Halloween friends!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

So, aside from seeing the normal goons and goblins walking around over the weekend in preparation for Halloween parties all around town, there was another monster that reared its ugly head and caught many by surprise. What monster might that be, you ask? The 2011 October Winter SNOW Storm which packed as good a punch as any snowstorm in the middle of January! Snow in October was never heard of in the history of mankind until this past weekend! Not in New Jersey, at least, or all of the eastern seaboard for that matter! Some were hit with as much as 19 inches, a State of Emergency was declared by our Governor, and plans were ruined for many more. It's not the worse we've seen but it definitely came as a shock to many.

That being said, Mother Nature cooperated just enough to let us enjoy at least one party over the weekend (one that I put together too, might I add....hehehehe). This party would be titled: Monsters, Mummies, & Eyes, Oh my! It contained all of that and more. Here is a picture:

Now, for a breakdown. Up first are the delicious red velvet cupcakes displayed behind a "Boo" collage;

A tree dubbed "The Eyes are Watching" ;-)

I scored a beautiful, free Subway Art from Eye Candy Event Details and framed it.  It displayed just lovely!

Scary but edible, yummy Witch Fingers!

The children needed something to wash down the witch fingers with so, of course, what better than toxic green juice slurped through skeleton straws to do the job?!?!

I found these cute lollipops at Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, stuck them in a mummy vase and surrounded them with purple gum balls. They were a hit!

And, of course - Eyes, Oh My!

As if there weren't enough sweets, here is the pumpkin cake making it's yummy debut!

And last but not least, what is a Halloween party without fun crafts and toss games?!?!

The Party was sooo much fun!!  Halloween gives us all, children and adults alike, a chance to let loose and be silly so I'll close with showing you all a collage of some of the silly highlights! Enjoy!

Until next time my friends!!!

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  1. I <3 it!!!! OMG I especially love Danny's costume. That is the costume I picked out LMAO @ Party City. The female one obviously, bu they only had a small so I didn't buy it :-( ....... too funny. They look like they had a blast and the docor and sweets look great. :)