Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day 2013 - Who's Your Daddy?

Happy Belated Father's Day to all the Daddies in the world! And all the Mommies playing the part as well!

This year's Father's Day was one for the books. My two oldest children are at an age where they can really join in on the creative process and I must say we had a blast planning a special day for the #1 Daddy in our lives.  I didn't want to do anything that had already been done before so I had a serious brainstorming session with my children and we finally came up with and agreed on something.  What if we do a "Who's Your Daddy" themed celebration? We could describe who Daddy is and what he means to us in a festive, celebratory kind of way. The wheels started churning in this little brain of mine and the inner party planner in me was all in. 

So, we had the theme selected but my children weren't done just yet.  They also wanted to create a special song for Daddy that coincided with the same theme. In other words, they wanted to pen a Who's Your Daddy song from scratch! Bless their brave little souls! I honestly thought that would be too big of a task to undertake. Me, a songwriter? Now I may have a self-proclaimed creative mind but I've never wandered into the realm of song writing before. All I can say is thank God for fearless children!

After about a week of preparation, this is what the end result looked like:

We had a small Bar-b-que, played a few outdoor games and presented him with the "Who's Your Daddy?" music video at the end of the day. I must say that it was so much fun creating this song with my children! It was truly a collaboration between the three of us and a labor of love.

Hey, you never know, we could make this music business a regular thing. Here's the link to the video: Father's Day 2013 - Who's Your Daddy?

He absolutely loved it and we loved watching him enjoy it. 

Salud (cheers) to a Happy Father's Day and creating memories that count!

Creative Girl

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