Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What a Year!!!

Howdy folks!!! It's been a long while!!  A little over a year ago I had just finished posting the blog about my Husband's 80's Hip-Hop party which by the way was an apparent hit on the web!  For this I want to thank everyone who has commented or emailed me regarding the party.  I'm happy to help anytime I can so please feel free to comment or email me with any questions.

As you know, life has a tendency of throwing us curve balls when we're least expecting them so my apologies for my long hiatus but here's my attempt at giving a recap of all my creative endeavors in the past year. The wheel never stops, ya know! I hope you enjoy!

1.  My son's 12th birthday.  The theme: "Racing into the Wonder Years."

2.  Next, I styled a dear friend's baby shower.  The theme:  Safari!

3.  Birthday Party No. 2.  Theme: Spongebob Party!

4.  A Lady Bug themed 9th Birthday:

5.  A"Waddle It Be?" Gender Reveal Party:

It's a Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Finally, a Thanksgiving Treat Table:

Phew....that was a mouthful!  Hopefully that'll provide you with some inspirations for any of your  upcoming shingdigz.  I'll be posting a few more parties under a separate post.  :-)

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